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Short Summary Of The Chapter  

Anything that prevents proper functioning of cells and tissues lead to a lack of proper activity of the body.

Health is a state of being well enough to function well physically, mentally and socially. It is state free from illness or injury.

Disease is a disorder, disorder in human, animal, or plant caused by infection, died, or by faculty functioning of a process.

The word diseases originated from French word desaise  meaning lack of ease

Public cleanliness is important for individual health, 

Good economic conditions and jobs are needed for individual health.

An acute  diseases, identified as one which comes on rapidly and could be dangerous. Example cold and cough.

It truly disease, one that lasts for a long time. Example, tuber classes.

Drinking of unclean water is the first level of cause of disease, lack of good nourishment is second level of course of disease. Lack of public services, third level of cause of disease.

Disease is which are caused by infection agents such as microbes are cold infection disease. Example colera.

This diabetes high blood, pressure, cancer, et cetera. Non infectious diseases of human beings.

Antibiotics are chemical produced by bacteria and fungus to kill the pathogen.They kill microbes by blocking their vital Biochemical pathways such as cell wall formation and Protein synthesis,etc

Infection disease can spread by various means, such as by air, water, or physical contact.

The ability of an Organism to resist a particular infection is called immunity.Specific immune responses function by recognising particular chemicals called antigens that are present on the surface of the invading cells. This aunties and interact with protein molecules produced by the host the Activities.Once born, the cell bearing the aunties and is more easily ingested by phagocytic cells Such as neutrophils

Vaccines have been developed to combative active bacterial diseases such as tetanus,Measles, polio,etc

Important Questions Of This Chapter

1.What is disease? How many types of disease have you studied? Give examples.

Answer: Disease is a disorder in human, animal or plant caused by infection, diet, or by faculty function of a process.

Types of disease. ;- 

1.On the basis of duration.Acute or chronic

2.On the basis of period of.Occurrence.Congenital and acquired diseases.

3.On the basis of casual agents.Infectious and non infectious.Infectious or communicable diseases can be contagious or non contagious.

2.Give any four factors necessary for a healthy person.

Answer: 1.Environment: It clean physical environment with the help of public health services.

2.Personal hygiene.Personal cleanliness prevents catching up of infectious diseases.

3.Nourishment.Intake of a proper balance diet keeps the immune system strong.

4.Vaccination.Timely vaccination against major diseases.Protects one self from catching those diseases.

3.Why are antibiotics not effective for viral diseases?

Answer: Antibiotics are effective against bacteria, an other non viral pathogens As they block some of their biosynthetic pathways without affecting human beings.However, viruses do not have their own metabolic machinery.There few bulk chemical processes that can block viral multiplication.Antibiotics are not effective against them. They can be over powered only by development of immunity against them,By the body host.Antiviral product.Called interferon Is produced by the cells exposed to the action of virus

4.Explain the statement.Prevention is better than cure keeping in view the infectious diseases.

Answer: This is his feature transmitted from one individual to another directly.are called infectious diseases. Since this is our acquired, not inherited.If we prevent the entry of disease causing pathogens into our body, then we can prevent the disease from occurring instead of curing the disease after suffering from it.OK

5.Explain why balanced diet is important for maintaining healthy body.

Answer: For keeping good health, we should eat a balanced diet containing adequate amounts of all the Essential endurance, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, water, roughage.Unbalanced diet causes malnutrition proper need. Nourishment maintains the health of all the body systems, including the immune system.

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