MCQ Questions for Class 9 The Fundamental Unit of Life Multiple Choice Questions with Answers Class 9 Science Chapter 5 & It is Based On The New CBSE Term Wise Exam So Most of The Questions Will likely To Come In Your Term 1 Exam.

The Fundamental Unit Of Life Class 9 MCQ With Answers

Question 1.
When Did Robert Hooke Discovered Cell?

(a) 1600
(b) 1665
(c) 1765
(d) 1700

Answer: (b) 1665

Question 2.

What Is The Full Form Of DNA?

(a) Dopamine Nucleus acid
Deooxide Nucleic acid
Deoxyribonucleic acid
(d) None Of The Above

Answer: (c) Deoxyribonucleic acid

Question 3.
The phenomenon where cytoplasms shrink in a hypertonic medium is called 

(a) Frontolysis
(b) Plasmolysis
(c) Acidolysis
(d) Allolysis

Answer: (b) Plasmolysis

Question 4.
A plasma membrane is a selectively permeable membrane while a cell wall is 

(a) Semi-permeable
(b) Fully-permeable
(c) Selectively permeable
(d) Non-permeable

Answer: (a) Semi-permeable

Question 5.
Water move in and out of the cell by the process Of

(a) Osmosis
(b) Actively
(c) Diffusion
(d) None Of The Above

Answer: (a) Osmosis

Question 6.
Longest animal cell is

(a) Sperm cell
(b) Nerve Cell

(c) Striated muscle cell
Ostrich egg

Answer: (b) Nerve Cell

Question 7.
The most widely distributed component in a cell is

(a) Chromoplast
(b) Chloroplast
(c) RNA
(d) DNA

Answer: (c) RNA

Question 8.
Storing, packaging, and modification of newly formed protein occur in 

(a) ER
(b) Nucleus 
(c) Lysosome 
Golgi bodies

Answer: (b) Golgi bodies.

Question 9.
With the help of enzymes from RER, Golgi bodies also form 

(a) Vacuoles
(b) Lysosomes
(c) Mitochondria 
(d) None

Answer: (b) Lysosomes

Question 10.
Mitochondria are also called as

(a) Digestive Bags
(b) Suicide bags
(c) Protein Synthesizers
(d) Power House of the cell

Answer: (d) Power House of the cell

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